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We have over one thousand riders all around the world (and growing...).

Ellr is not your regular tracker, it is much more than that. Ellr automatically detects a theft and an accident and alerts not only the rider, but also his Guardian Angel, his riding group members and the nearby Ellr community. Ellr alerts the rider when his bike battery is low, and automatically records all his rides and allows him to share it with friends. Ellr is easily mounted on any bike model and comes with unlimited global data plan.  

I was 17, when my first bike was stolen right under my girlfriends' bedroom window, and with it went my entire ego. Even today, 36 years later, I feel a pinch in my heart. For me and for many of us, our bike is just like another child, and as such, we want to keep it safe and secure, so we can have the peace of mind we deserve. Over the years I have learned that riders share something in common - we help a friend in trouble. in 99% of the cases, we will stop and help a fellow rider in trouble. And this is true for every country around the world. We call it brotherhood. 

With that in mind I have setup Ellr. 

Ellr takes your privacy very seriously and is GDPR compliant. 

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Ellr is not your regular tracker, it is much more than that. Ellr automatically detects a theft or an accident, and alerts the 3 security circles we built around every biker:

  1. Your Guardian Angel, who is your best friend and will always be alerted if you're in trouble;

  2. Your riding buddies, whom you ride with and know you, will be alerted in a 50 km radius; and

  3. The Ellr community, in a radius of 30 km, who may be willing to help a fellow rider. 

Moreover Ellr checks your bikes' real time location; records all your rides and allows you to share them with friends; send you a low battery alert and more. Ellr is designed for a rider who wants to continue his routine, so its fully automated, requires no change of behavior and is very simple to use. 

Check out the product features in more detail below. 

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Ellr detects a theft and takes the following real time actions:

  1. Send alerts to your phone and activates a siren.

  2. Send alerts to your Guardian Angel, riders in your groups and nearby Ellr riders.

  3. The alerts include the exact location of your bike on a map, your distance from it and offers navigation options. 

  4. Riders can respond to the alert, call you and the local police and provide valuable information.

Ellr helps you speed up recovery of your bike


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What riders are saying about Ellr

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I have been using Ellr for more than a year now on my BMW 1600GTL and I love it. Automated ride recordings, low battery alerts, export rides in GPX format for my friends to navigate and many more cool features. But most importantly it gives me peace of mind knowing my bike is safe.

I recommend Ellr to anyone who owns a bike. It is simple to mount and it is simple to use and it takes away a lot of headaches. 

Mickey Shefet | PA, USA


About George Ellr

In 1903 George Eller founded the first motorcycle club in the world in Yonkers, NY. His idea was to share the love for motorcycles with other Harley Davidson riders. Thousands of clubs followed...

In 2017 Ellr was founded to take his vision to the next level. Using advanced technology, global connectivity and AI, we connect motorcycles, riders and communities in emergency situations, thus continuing George's legacy.

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